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Top 3 Ways To Bring Down A Drone

Ever thought about how the authorities are considering capturing rogue drone operators?

It comes as no surprise that drones can be used to assist in illegal activities, including prison infiltration, drug smuggling and terrorist activities.

Here are the top 3 (somewhat controversial) methods:

  1. Eagles

The news lately has exploded with reports that the Dutch police are training eagles to snatch drones out the sky. This won’t be met without resistance however as the birds are more than likely to get hurt.

Check out the video here

  1. Anti-drone slingshot shotgun

Jorg Sprave of the built a two-shot marble shooting slingshot crossbow that can shoot up to 20 marbles simultaneously – ten marbles per barrel.

And the best of all? It’s a silent weapon.. The marble bombardment begins..


  1. Net Bag shooter

This involves a device that can shoot a net to capture the rogue drone mid-air.

While this has the big pro of being able to execute remotely and not limited to using animals or using a gun from the ground, it is currently severely constrained by the chance of a miss. You only get one chance..


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