About Us

The Hobby Group

Founded in 2014, The Hobby Group was created with the specific aim of allowing fellow South Africans access to hobbyist items in a quick, cost effective and customer-centric manner. Being a hobbyist and possessing a keen interest in these items, our founder and management have hand-picked the products being offered.

Every product is quality tested by The Hobby Group and is only offered for sale should it meet our strict standards in performance, price, functionality and aesthetics.

In addition to simply allowing access to these products locally, we also assist customers in setup, good control, and all-around education of drones, Monster Trucks and Fishing Boats. The beginner, as well as the more experienced, can be more than comfortable and assured in their purchase.

Frustrated by the fact that these items aren’t readily available locally, it is our prerogative that we ensure that we do provide access to a range of products as well as spare parts locally and within a short turnaround time.

It is our mission to provide world-class customer service and ensure that customers are always astonished at the excellent level of service. It is due to this goal that we introduced free delivery and free exchanges & returns within 7 days of delivery. Not sure you want the product? No problem, order the item and feel free to make use of our returns policy should you have a change of heart.

In our effort to provide more value than simply our products, we serve as a platform for hobby enthusiasts to keep abreast of the latest news, updates, interesting articles, videos, thoughts or simply media speculation concerning everything drones, Monster Trucks, Fishing Boats, and their progressive role in society. Feel free to check out our blog.

Last but not least, we offer a drone competition for footage from the drone or of a drone, where you stand a chance to win one of our drones every month! This competition is open to all – whether you are an existing or previous customer or not.

Please do feel free to drop us a mail or contact us at any time of day or night – we have your drone emergency covered!